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To engage and energize the arts community with relevant and effective dynamic arts educational programs with intentional collaborative design.

Enriching a life through the arts begins before the age of 1! Research says and we know that exposure to the arts - particularly music - paves the way for broad-based benefits in all areas of life and brain development.

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Performing arts groups and visual artists in the Greater Cincinnati make our community richer.    Audience Development tied with the unique aspects of "artucation" will ensure more seats filled and longer-lasting patrons.  Collaborative discussions where we ask the questions of "what if" and "why not"?

Inspiring and supporting life-long passion for music. The mission of the Cincinnati Center for Adult Music Study is to inspire and support life-long passion for music.  

Let Your Voice Be Part of the Future!
Your input to this arts community survey will be invaluable as we give weight to what you want from your arts community! For 10 minutes of your time, your answers, insight and feedback will give us information necessary to continue to make your arts experience relevant and exciting.
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